Saturday, November 04, 2006


Noise reduction

I'm feeling very geeky and quite chuffed. Last night I'm doing overtime on my computer, having been without it for two days and it gets to the point where the noise is so annoying and I'm thinking this really can't be right. A simple search led me to discover that I wasn't imagining the noise at all, but that it's 'an issue'. The suggestions say that if you take the mains adapter out the noise will go away and lo and behold it does, no wonder the techies in the Apple store looked at me sympathetically; they were running it on the battery. Although the techies behind the scenes supposedly checked it twice over two days, so they must have had it plugged in. I then check the settings, it's not running on 'highest performance', but it's not on Automatic either, I change it and again even with the mains plugged in the noise goes away, I go backwards and forwards with the setting and the noise comes and goes instantly. So I'm still not exactly sure what's going on, but extremely grateful that I have a quiet-ish computer again.


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