Monday, October 30, 2006


Bending wires

A Festival free post. A belated update on the braces and my last Ortho appointment. So I'm still lisping cos he almost took out the bite turbos, but then decided not too, such a tease. I have new wires which are made of different material which he can manipulate, so they both have bends in them at different places; on the top wire to bring my front teeth forward and on the bottom one to lift my back teeth up. Apparently my whole jaw is going to lift up which sounds dramatic. As usual though hardly any pain and I'm already back to eating most things. I did have one stopper (a separate piece of metal on the archwire) that was really rough and after a few hours had destroyed my gum, I resorted to drastic measures and got out a nail file, which actually worked. I've still got the elastic band to close the gap on my bottom front teeth, thankfully a nice new one, so absolutely no curries, well at least until just before my next appointment, the last one did get a bit yucky. He said it was all going well, he even showed me the photos he took before I started and there is quite a difference already. I'm now thinking the braces have become so much a part of me it will be strange not to have them, not that they are coming off anytime soon, but it's just strange to be thinking that.
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