Thursday, December 14, 2006



An update on the Orange story; I tried again yesterday to get through and about three times today... if I hear the phrase "we are experiencing a high volume of calls" one more time... So a tip, if a bit of an obvious one, forget about trying to get through to the billing department, just go straight to the I'm really fed up, I want to leave department and get them to put you through to the billing department - works wonders. I got my £30 credit on my £120 bill.

Then I tried to do the I'm leaving bit for real, what's the best deal you can offer me. I pretty much failed; a mixture of speaking to the wrong person, in the end I was telling him what phones they had (how sad is that) and my heart not really being in it, so the best they could do was offer me forty minutes less for £10 a month more... How is that a deal? So I guess I'm going to have stop pretending to leave.
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