Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Not getting through

Trying to get through to Orange to sort out my bill and tariff (16 mins 46 secs). I have such a gripe about this; my tariff ended hence the £120 bill. According to Orange they don't have the ability to send out information warning about tariffs ending - except that they are a telephone company - perhaps they forgot?! Even my bank manages to send me text messages these days. A says she had the same thing happen to her, they must be making a fortune (22 mins 51 secs).

So, I'm not sure I've got it in me to do the whole "I'm leaving unless you give me a really good deal" act. Last time I did this I spoke to a lovely woman who was incredibly helpful and gave me a really good deal, but I think it did take a few calls to find her. Also, there's the question of which phone to go for? Thinking environmentally I was going to just hold on to the one I've got, but I've been a bit careless with it lately, my subconscious falling into that whole it's a year or so old about time for a change, don't have to be so careful attitude and the sound has gone a bit fuzzy. So I have been looking and the only one that's caught my eye is the Blackberry Pearl, but then I'd have to go for the push email, because that's the whole point and that's going to cost more (26 mins 01 secs). To continue holding or to hang up? 35 mins 04 secs - hanging up.
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