Saturday, August 05, 2006


Third adjustment

I had an Ortho appointment yesterday, two and a half months having whizzed by. I had both wires changed and an elastic band to close a gap that's opened up between my bottom two front teeth. I resisted the elastic band to the point of saying that I didn't mind the gap, but what do I know, the Ortho said it didn't look good and it should go! I was relieved to discover that with my type of braces the elastics go behind the brackets, so its hardly noticeable or irritating, although the curry staining still applies - so no visits to Geeta's. The wire is pretty thick now, but I've had less pain today than last time - except for the teeth with the elastic band that are very sore, on this occasion pain equals gain as the gap is already about half the size it was yesterday. He said it was all going well, and it's really quite exciting to see all the changes. Disappointingly, the bite turbos are still there, at my last appointment he said he'd probably take them out when he saw me again, but having read other people's stories about having them in for most of the time, I wasn't holding out that much hope and he ended up saying he'd probably remove them next time. However, I did get an opportunity to say that I hated them, which I still do. I don't know whether I didn't notice yesterday or my teeth have just moved enough today to leave one of the end wires poking out for the first time (not bad for six months in) - not a pleasant experience and I think the Ortho might be seeing me rather sooner than he expects, for a bit of wire cutting.

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