Thursday, July 20, 2006



This evening a walk in the park, you'd think would be relaxing, but the police were out telling people off for cycling in the wrong places, which makes me mad (its a park for f**ck sake), there was an incident with an over boisterous Alsatian, three boys discussing Jews, Germany and the Holocaust (I'm not kidding), Sandy leading me through a pathway guarded by spiders - I got through two webs, then freaked turned around and ran back the way we came. Then she did her "I'm going to just go by the road and pretend to cross it" and then looked all hurt when I shouted at her... On the other-hand the park is still green and I caught a view that was stunning, England's green and pleasant land, Sandy had a dip or two in the lake and a gallop or two, then there were rabbits running, young swans swimming, horses trotting and friendly people out for their evening stroll.
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