Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Cine Colour

Well the heat is back and I have been thinking about past summers. The first really hot summer I remember was in '76 - I remember that summer as vivid browns and oranges in wonderful saturated cine colour. I have memories of being in the garden playing with all the family enjoying the sun. I had my first experience of sunburn that year, coming in from the garden and asking my mother why my skin was all red and having cream rubbed into my shoulders. The fact that it was so hot seemed like something special that was new to everyone. One of the ways of judging how hot it was was whether or not I could walk on the patio without shoes and discovering that the heat would grow in intensity and realizing that my feet could only cope with so much, but I would still try and hold the course, even if it meant breaking into a sprint and there was always the relief and comfort of hitting the cool grass.
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