Monday, August 21, 2006



So being without my computer means: not being able to login to any sites I usually use as my brain is mush and I can't remember the usernames and passwords (believe me I've tried). I can't download my emails to my phone, because by now there are too many. I can't carry on with work, as if I needed any more excuses. I don't have anyone's address, which is actually a blessing; I can avoid the whole stamp thing going on. What is that about? I think it goes with a choice of directory inquiries, 30 odd different train ticket prices and choice under the NHS, when you are sick you want the experts to be able to make 'good' choices for you and when you want to send something in the post you don't want to have to get out the tape measure. What this has taught me is that I should get an external hard drive and back up, often. I should upload more photos to and I should print out all my login info and work stuff. In the mean time perhaps I should give in and take a holiday...

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