Friday, August 18, 2006



They have taken my computer away.... to replace the hard drive.

After very stressful post midnight and early morning attempts to book a spot at the Regents Street store, unsuccessfully, I managed to get one at the Brent Cross store (from where I am posting this). The guy decided it was my hard drive after my list of problems. Throughout our discussion I thought they were going to fix it while I waited (which did seem very impressive) until right at the end the guy said that'll take 7-10 days and I nearly fell off the stool and went into shock. So I had to fork out £79 for ApplePro as I can't wait that long and then pay another £35 for them to restore all my stuff, this is on top of AppleCare, so I am feeling a bit ripped off. Now it should take a few days, hopefully, as I jump to the top of the queue. With ApplePro you can get an hour a week tuition, so damn it, I'm going to make use of that! Also, you get a yearly service, which is quite good. I feel bereft.
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