Thursday, August 17, 2006


Kernel panic

Well the lack of posts are still due to the wrist, but also now because I've been a bit busy and not near a computer and away a little (more of which when I've sorted things out - like being able to download the photos (see next sentence). Now I'm back to find my computer is having a perpetual kernel panic and I think I might join it. So it just about starts, has time to think a little and dies. I have Apple Care and I ring the number on the info pack only to get the answer that it is indeed an apple number, but it is no longer in use, with no alternative number given before it cuts out - so Apple (it's that love/hate thing). So via a third party I call Apple Care and get a guy in India. The thing with call centres in India - that I find anyway - is that they may speak the same language in theory, but not in practice. There is much more of a gap than between English and American or that might just be because I'm used to American. It's the whole way of using the language and speaking, it's just much slower, so this guy, who was very nice considering my bad mood, took about three times as long to answer a question as someone here would, I mean he used whole sentences and nobody does that anymore - I could have gone and made a cup of tea and he would still be speaking. The upshot is that I have to take it to an Apple shop for them to have a look at it. I did do a backup before I went away, but I forgot to back up my pictures, however the guy in India assured me that for a price (that love/hate thing again), they will be able to save everything… and I was just about to make some CD’s for friends of recent photos I’ve taken.

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