Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Party party party

Ok, so talk about ignorance…. who knew the Narnia books were about Christianity (trust my school) – which I've been reading in the papers all weekend. Well, whatever it was about the second half was boring… and we weren't smiling at the end because we thought it was sweet, but because we thought it was silly – which was a shame.

John's party was lovely, only I missed the magician – and John told me off – and I had to apologize to him, I really didn't think he would notice. I tried to explain to him that by coming late I could stay late, which I did, but that argument apparently doesn't hold weight with four year olds, which I guess is fair enough. He did give me the most lovely smile when he saw me.

I've spent the evening making vanillekipferl and Mrs Fuch's cake with my mother (we were going to do a Marble Kuchen but decided that it was too complicated and too late) - I haven't done any baking for a long time, and it was fun. The Library has it's Xmas lunch tomorrow, so what I've managed not to eat, I'll try and remember to take with me :) ... help all that gluten...Anna thanks for all the biscuits and bread on Saturday...get out the tape measure, my tummy has grown.
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