Saturday, November 05, 2005


Guy Fawkes

I was already to go out there knocking on doors again when it started raining... So instead I managed to trick myself into starting to do my tax return, it ended up consuming the rest of my afternoon, but I feel rather pleased with myself. Still have a fare bit to do, but at least I've made a good start.

Forgot to mention yesterday that when I was talking to one of our neighbours (a couple of blocks away) I was looking at her thinking she looked rather familiar, when she asked if she knew me. Well, we worked out that we had known each other from junior school, which is going back some. It happened once before when this woman walked up to me on the street in town and said my name, I couldn't place her, but then her name just popped out. I'm not sure I'd remember people I've met more recently as those I knew as a kid.

Stayed in with the dog for Guy Fawkes... we have had fireworks all week and Sandy (the dog) is petrified, she tries to make herself as small as possible and lies there visibly shaking. Poor thing, I'm sure it's traumatizing her.
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