Friday, September 02, 2005


On the Island

Well, no I didn't stay in the Galapagos, but have been rushing around from one place to another. Finally, I'm on Martha's Vineyard and can catch up. I've had an amazing time.

The Galapagos was wonderful - but don't go there at this time of year...very chopping.

I sunbathed next to an Iguana; saw Blue Footed Booby’s (birds with blue feet), Sea Lions, Tortoises and the highlight was a Penguin that swam underneath me when I was snorkeling.

We had some lovely people on our boat a mixture of Canadians, Australians, Americans and Brits. The boat however was pretty crap, I will now forever associate the smell of diesel with it which I used to like, but no more.

The islands really are pre-historic looking. Looking back at one of them from the boat I realized that that's why they appealed to me, to put everything else into perspective. Whatever has happened in the world the islands have not changed. Like everything that's not entirely true, humans have introduced different species onto the islands, which have altered the habitat and the animal population, but from a distance they look like nothing has ever touched them.
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