Thursday, September 08, 2005


Island Life

Takes some getting used to... Upside: nobody locks their doors; car doors, front doors you name it. The bus driver knew my stop the second time I took the bus and it was a couple of days between journeys. Out door showers...wonderful. The other day I stepped out of the shower and their watching me were two deer. Beaches are wonderful.

Downside: Very expensive food, restaurants, and shops - it's catering to rich holidaymakers from New York and around.

You are not allowed to take dogs on the beach during the day so I'm on the beach with my friend who has a dog, which she's reluctantly left at home. So this dog comes bounding along the beach followed by its owner. My friend asks about bringing a dog on the beach and the owner replies that as her family own part of the beach she thinks she's ok...but on the other hand my friend 'probably isn't'...

All in all though it was bliss - warm and sunny with lots of knitting...
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