Monday, December 04, 2006


Answers and questions

Well, we spoke for ages and the new, 'new cousin' seems very nice and really she didn't know anything about us. I admit it, I have an odd family. It was one of those conversations where an answer would lead to another question. Not only didn't she know about us, but she didn't know about various ansestors who at the very least, because for one reason or another they are quite interesting, I thought she would have known about. Her story regarding the black sheep being sent to America is completly the other way around - that he saved his pocket money and ran away.... first to London, where he worked to save the passage for America. It's all very intriguing, although my aunt is adamant that my grandfather put him on the boat! I couldn't understand as we had all had contact with the genealogist, how we hadn't known about each other, but the genealogist hadn't thought to give us the further generations - I guess he thought we already knew of each other, a fair assumption to have made. A said if it was her she'd be tempted to get on a plane and I am.
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