Saturday, November 25, 2006


Berlin days

Getting used to using a German keyboard.

I got very wet on the first day and am now fighting a cold. L is giving me drugs. Yesterday, we spent the morning talking, so I rushed off late to see the German History Museum and ended up at the Rebecca Horn exhibition, a spontaneous change of plans on the train as it closed later. I loved and hated it, understood it and didn't have a clue. The building though, it was in the Martin Gropius Bau, was stunning. I tried to get to the German History Museum again today and ended up at the Jewish quarter instead. The Neue Synagogue is beautiful - from the outside - of course I would choose Saturday to go there. At least I knew it would be closed and I have a good excuse to go back. I got emotional at Der verlassene Raum [I'll add the photo's when I get back]. And at what was Berlin's first Jewish old people's home, which was where deportations to the camps started from and next door to it the Alter J├╝discher Friedhof (Old Jewish Cemetery) which was completely desecrated. Then I went to an opening of a modern art exhibition - sort of by chance - it was a bit extreme self-harm, filming shooting yourself kind of art - I didn't stay for long. I finished the day with Pumkin suppe, which was reviving and the worst Apfelstrudel I've ever had, or at least I remember having... Oh and somewhere in the middle I saw how hard sweets are made... which was fun.

We are off to see the newly found 'cousin' tomorrow...


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