Monday, October 09, 2006


Novel read

I've only read one (Penelope Fitzgerald's, The Blue Flower) of the top 10 books in yesterdays Observer article for the best British, Irish, or Commonwealth novel of the past 25 years. In total I've only read three of the authors, the other two being; Coetzee and McEwan. Fitzgerald is the only woman on the list, no Margaret Atwood, Anne Michaels or Carol Shields, the latter not even getting a look in. I do feel as if I ought to read the others, and Rushdie's Midnight's Children, McEwan's Atonement and Coetzee's Disgrace are on my 'to read list', but somehow not strongly enough for me to actually read them and when I read the synopsis's for the other books they just seem a big turn off. On the other hand of The New York Times top five I've read Beloved and Underworld and the only author I've not read is Updike. Perhaps it's the immigrant aspect that I'm relating to?


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