Sunday, October 08, 2006


Spreading the news

I have been meaning to write about the Crocs since I got them. They have become a regular fixture on my feet. I love them, I still think they are incredibly ugly, but they are a wonder of comfort too. The first day I wore them, I was still wondering what all the fuss was about until I took myself off to the supermarket, where they came into their own, I bounced and floated up and down the aisles. Getting out of bed the next day, I had a sore back as if it had been realigned in some way and I seemed to be lifting my arches, a small miracle for someone with flattish feet. It's cold now and I'm still wearing them and putting up with the strangest of looks from passers by, although they are a good conversation starter, I had three people talk to me about them in one day! So yesterday I convinced A to buy a pair and a fair bit of convincing was needed, since she doesn't share my respect for ugly shoes. We'll see what happens.
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