Friday, October 06, 2006


Days like this...

Where to start? What a day? Even pre-day; I dreamt I was crossing a big road, one with lots of lanes and I was carrying a gun, aware that the drivers were watching me to see what I would do. When I reached the other side it was actually our garden and I had to hide the gun. Powerful or powerless?

I had this big 'Bleak House' meeting in the morning (which might explain the dream), after stressing all week about it, it actually went OK. This is an odd thing to notice, but one of the people at the meeting had my Dad's lips, they were a similar shape, which I took to be a good sign. He turned out to be half-Jewish, we are all related somehow, aren't' we?

Then I had a lovely lunch with a friend, because I knew that I was going to need to see a friend after that.

Eventually I ended up at an archive with not much time to do some work.

Leaving at the end of the day, I trotted off to the nearest Waterstones to look at an H. G. Wells book, because apparently there is a description of the character cycling near here - I skimmed through the whole book - my work is having this kind of effect - but didn't end up buying it - I can't bring myself to spend £7.99 on a book anymore.

With a migraine threatening to come on I somehow ended up going from Euston to Victoria on a bus, in rush hour, via Oxford Street, part of which was spent sitting opposite a rather drunk woman, only in her twenties, with rotting teeth…

Then 15 minutes to get a train ticket (pictures of serious queues to follow). [added]

I should have let it end there, but no. There was another person who was supposed to be at the 'Bleak House' meeting and had just disappeared... so with migraine still threatening, I decided to pop round and see if he was in. He did eventually open the door. We had one of those unsatisfactory circular conversations, which I'm not sure I understood. Then just as I was leaving, who should be at the door, none other than the ex- neighbour herself and part-cause for the 'Bleak House' meeting. I swear this is true - she just about looked at me and said, "oh that's the girl, the girl from next door" just managing to say my surname, as if she was dragging it from the depths of her brain. I just stood there and nodded, I would like to think sagely. She looked like she thought she looked good, but actually she looked small and diminished. Feeling utterly overwhelmed, I went home.

Anna just called from Tesco's where she is buying gluten free flour so she can bring me an Apple Crumble tomorrow.

It's days like this that really makes me appreciate my friends.
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