Thursday, August 24, 2006


Piece by piece

I had my Saturday yesterday: I raced over to the Apple store to pick up my computer. They were rather on the disorganized side, which doesn’t really work with Apple, I really think the brand image doesn't do them any favours; they have so much to live up to. They took an age bringing out my computer from the back, there seemed some confusion and of course I was in a rush and I started thinking that I'd gone all the way to Brent Cross, which for a South Londoner is aways, for nothing, but just as I was starting to panic, out it came. The guy had promised to do a service and clean it up, only as soon as I saw it, I knew they hadn't done the clean up and they couldn't tell me what data had been restored and I didn't have time to start turning it on and checking... I'd just wanted to grab and run. A sweet guy called Mat swiftly lifted the computer away from me to do a quick clean, which made up for things a little. All this made me very late for my next appointment which was to see the most expensive hygienist I've ever been too. I got an A*^ for all my flossing and as I was the last appointment we had a nice chat about children, pets and bikes, although I’m not sure that makes up for the ridiculous cost. Then it was off to the theatre, if you haven't yet seen Sunday in the Park with George - I highly recommend it, it was just wonderful and the most ingenious use of technology I've seen in the theatre. Poor S had to put up with me trying to sing all the way home, I really can't sing, he'll be more than happy to confirm that... "Piece by piece, putting it together." Oh yes and I had my hair cut, see what I mean about a Saturday. I guess that means I'm working Saturday.

^ Can someone tell me why we need A*’s surely either you have an A or if you don’t it’s a B.

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