Monday, July 10, 2006


A role model

I love my new bag, because my camera goes everywhere with me now. Hence the picture of Adrienne Rich signing copies of her books after a wonderful reading at the South Bank on Friday. I got my copy of The Fact of a Doorframe signed, I said thank you... twice, she looked at me as if expecting more, but thank you all there was.* If I'd been feeling more confident and articulate and there'd been more time, I'd have explained that what I was thanking her for was for taking the time to come and read to us and how much we all appreciated that (at 76 long distance flying can't be that much fun), for having a voice and speaking out, for being brave and passionate, for being a role model, because the world needs heroes that reach for the stars.** Because every strong unafraid [Jewish] woman I meet chips a little more away at the 'keep your head down' mentality I grew up with. The world needs heroes and we should all be reaching for the stars.

* M said this was better than what happened to a friend of hers when she went up to get a book signed by a well known writer - she asked if they could be pen-pals - the answer was no and the friend couldn't believe she had actually asked out loud.
** I'm still addicted to The West Wing. Bartlet, series four.
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