Wednesday, July 05, 2006



Just came back from leafleting the estate; informing residents of the Gangster's new appeal. It seems to be always an eventful experience. This time I had a lovely chat with a semi-retired biochemist (D I think they are the new winners of the longest residents award) our conversation covered hospital based infectious diseases, overdevelopment of the area, government imposed targets and privatization of the NHS. Then I walked by the new principle of my old school, we met last fall and I was supposed to get in touch and never did (and of course I've been feeling bad about it). She does seem like a lovely woman, I am thinking "why wasn't she principle when I was there", but then I'm not the same person I was then, so I probably wouldn't have appreciated her... I wasn't too good with authority figures. We talked about an experience she'd had on a Christian-Jewish program to Israel and Palestine, which sounded very interesting. I again promised to get in touch, I can't quite see it, but you never know. She asked for my full name and I cringe imagining her checking out my yearbook page.

You know I also saw my old English teacher at the Opera last week - something is going on here.
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