Friday, May 26, 2006


Gappy future

I had my Ortho appointment today, I'd been looking forward to it in an odd sort of I want to get this thing moving way. He changed both wires. I now have much thicker square wires, apparently square wires can't slip. They are supposed to open my mouth out and I can expect to get some gaps, in fact my two front teeth, which have always been packed tight together already have a gap between them, in 5 hours! And I don't have to go back for three months… All rather sore right now, although I did manage to eat.

I have also decided finally on a digital camera, which has been such a long saga. I went to have a look at the new model I thought I was going to get, luckily I was in Selfridges and their photo department is in the basement. When I tested the camera it needed the flash and seemed very slow. They had one of the camera's I was going to get before and I compared the two and the old model is so much better - seems to be faster and feels much more comfortable to hold - Judy I've finally decided for sure, just in time I hope.

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