Friday, December 23, 2005


Shopped until I dropped

Almost finished my Xmas shopping – finger aches from holding too many bags.

Strange but true, getting into the holiday spirit, met two people who had both taken knifes to their fingers recently.

The shops all seemed to be short staffed, the worst one being Jessops...very boring.

There are various people I'm having trouble getting presents for – you know who you are! So if the finger's not too bad, will venture out again tomorrow – usually Xmas Eve is a great day to go shopping, most people aren’t mad enough to leave their buying that late, everyone is excited about the next day – all in all very jolly. Also, I think I might have finally decided on a digital camera I like – at least I got excited in the shop.

Just started reading Scarlett Thomas's PopCo.

Hey Mike thanks for the comment!
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