Monday, October 02, 2006



Each year, for the past few years I've felt a bit 'left out' at this time of the year. I know that Yom Kippur is the holiest of holy days in the Jewish calendar; I know that even if Jews don't take part in any other of the high holidays, they go to synagogue on this day. So there is a part of me, that thinks each year, I ought to be taking part in this, I ought to be doing 'something', but so far I haven't managed to. Ironically, it also seems to be the hardest time to attend services at a synagogue if you aren't a member of one, so many people want to go. And I'm tied anyway between wanting to be involved and not wanting to. So I carried on my 'normal' day, but all the while thinking, perhaps I should be somewhere else.
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