Thursday, September 21, 2006


Two experiences

The electronic sign on the station wasn't working, so I got on what I thought was the right train and asked a couple of people if it went to my stop. If you are not from London, you have to understand that this is like asking if Mars has six hats. They just ignored me, the mad woman. I looked around and noticed a woman who had been sitting next to me on the tube raise her head from her book and look at me blankly. I had to ask three times before I at least knew the train would go to the stop before mine. When we arrived there, the signs still weren't working; ironically the train driver had obviously decided that he too wouldn't let us know where the train was going. God I thought, I have to ask again, I was too tired to end up going in the wrong direction. I took a deep breath went to the other side of the carriage and this time a guy answered - I was on the right train – phew. As the train pulled up at my stop, I couldn't believe it, the woman who had stared at me blankly, put her book (Charlotte Bronte's Shirley) in her bag and stood up to get off.

As I was coming out of the station, imagining all the **** things I would say to the woman given half the chance, I heard a couple talking about Chinese food and remembering I needed to get a takeaway – no food in the fridge – I asked them if they knew a good place, we had a brief chat, they gladly recommended one and it turned out they really wanted some Indian food and I pointed them in the direction of a really good takeaway.
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