Tuesday, September 19, 2006



I got to lie down so I could only see the tops of the needles out of the corners of my eyes and I decided not to lift my head up to see anymore. It was an odd experience, it was quite painful when she turned the needles, the aching feeling was intense, but didn't last long. At one point a couple felt like they were needles sticking into me - is that supposed to happen? I hadn't known to eat anything beforehand, so she did less than she would have done; it can make you dizzy. I felt a little lightheaded afterwards and went to grab some lunch. I decided that I was fine to work so went off to an archive. There was a guy there, doing some family research in my field, so one of the librarians wanted to introduce us. I was able to make a few suggestions, but not much more. He wanted to know specifics, where they probably no longer exist. As he was leaving he held out his hand to shake hands and I thought it would be rude not to and we were in a library and he was a little hard of hearing, so we shook hands and he had one of those wonderful strong grips – firm and solid, but it didn't do my wrist any good, I held my breath for a few moments, the painful vibrations pulsing through my arm.
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