Tuesday, June 06, 2006



It's been a car day. I drive around in a third hand me down, which has almost reached that point of no return. As a result of the anti-freeze let loose in the passenger seat, it failed it's MOT with a rusted whole in the floor (scary what that stuff can do)... but all sorted now. I was hoping that I would have managed to find a new car before having to do all this (MOT, tax, insurance), but somehow the idea of looking for a car just doesn't do anything for me. I tried not having one at all for about four years; it was incredibly stressful and exhausting. It was before I had the bike, so it was public transport or nothing and I'd spend four hours a day traveling and thanks to a very unreliable bus, never know if I'd make anything on time. I need a reliable, cheap, dog friendly, environmentally friendly as possible car - any suggestions?
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