Sunday, January 29, 2006



So ideas were in short supply and the scarf was unpicked, but the conversation was not and was very stimulating, and N I'm sure some B**ing did take place, but naturally only in the most friendly way. And yes Celebrity did come up.

I've learnt that if someone sends you an angry email you should acknowledge their anger before trying to deflate the situation - one to remember as N was feeling annoyed that no one seemed to believe she was angry.

Started a green scarf - picture to follow when I've progressed a bit further, but I have a dilemma, I only have one ball of yarn (bought in the states), so I don't know if I'm going to have enough to finish it, I guess a trip to John Lewis to find a colour to match it with might be needed, although it's such a lovely green, I think i'd rather just have a very short scarf.

The evening ended standing outside looking at a jumping Saturn through some Binoculars.
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